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Whether you love to have a gossip at the weekends, want to have the flexibility to call anytime of the day, or have loved ones far away, we have a call plan for your needs, and they start from just an extra £4 a month

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All our additional call plans are on a one month contract when you take broadband and line rental, so you can choose to cancel at any time.

Free to call Plusnet numbers
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UK Landline calls
UK Mobile calls
International calls**
Mobile minutes add-on

Unlimited UK & Mobile calls^

a month

International calls^

a month
£3.00 a month

Evening & Weekend UK & Mobile calls^

a month
Evenings & Weekends*
Evenings & Weekends*
Evenings & Weekends*

Pay as you call^

(Line Only)

£3.00 a month

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Something for everyone

Each of our calls plans are designed to be tailored to your needs and vary based on whether you make most of your calls locally or abroad, and the time of day you use your home phone. You can also add on mobile minutes to our Line only and Anytime International plans.

Unlimited UK & Mobile calls^

Whether it's 1pm, 8pm or 12am you can call UK landlines or UK mobiles and they will be included within your £8.00 a month charge. Great for flexibility.

Anytime International calls^

For £8.00 a month you can make anytime calls to UK landlines as well as enjoying the freedom of having 300 anytime minutes to make to the top 35 international destinations including US, India and Europe. Best for making calls abroad.

Evening & Weekend UK & Mobile calls^

Enjoy unlimited calls during the week from 7pm to 7am and anytime at the weekend for an added £4 per month. Perfect if you make most of your calls after 7pm or during the weekend.

Pay as you call (Line only)^

Similar to pay as you go, you will pay for your line rental and then only pay for the additional calls you make – no calls equals no extra payment. Ideal if you don't use your landline.

Also available with our call plans

Mobile Minutes

If the majority of the calls you make are to UK mobiles and you very rarely have to call a landline number then you can add 100 inclusive anytime mobile minutes to your Pay as you call (Line Only) or Anytime International call plan.

Line Rental Saver

We all like to make a saving. So, if you pay upfront for your line rental for 12 months we'll give you a discount.

Line rental is normally £18.99 a month, but with Line Rental Saver you'll pay £197.88, equivalent to just £16.49 a month.

Line Rental Saver doesn't provide inclusive calls as standard and any additional call plans, call features, or call charges will be billed each month.

Call features as standard

Voicemail, 1471 (Last Caller) and 141 (Withheld Number) are all included. Then, just tailor your call features to suit your needs, choosing from Caller Waiting, Reminder Call, Ring Back, plus many others.

Check which broadband speeds are available to you

Adding a call plan has never been easier. Simply choose a broadband package and add the call plan to your order. Start by finding out what's available in your area:

If you don't have a landline number, we can check using your post code.