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Modern Slavery Act Statement

At Plusnet we aim for the highest standards of integrity, transparency and fairness in all we do - whether we’re dealing with customers, our employees or our suppliers. We also expect these standards to flow through our supply chain, which means we put a lot of effort into selecting, and working with, suppliers who aim for the same standards we set for ourselves.

As a member of the BT group of companies, Plusnet complies with, and is subject to, the same procurement policies and processes that BT has in place. This means, for example, that whenever we purchase new products and services, the process is managed through BT’s procurement team and subject to the same checks and balances that BT applies to its broader supply chain. Plusnet’s staff also have to complete the same mandatory training as BT employees. In addition, Plusnet is included within BT’s wider audit and compliance activity to check that we comply with both the law and BT’s internal policies.

Plusnet is a subsidiary of BT plc and therefore covered by BT plc’s Modern Slavery Statement, which has been reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors for Plusnet plc. The Statement is updated annually and describes in a lot more detail the steps that Plusnet and BT take to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are prevented in our businesses and supply chains.