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A guide to our broadband prices around the UK

Broadband price FAQs

You can get Plusnet broadband almost everywhere in the UK. But in some places our prices are a bit higher. That's because it costs us more to provide broadband there. We call those places non-low cost areas.

Here's some legal stuff you need to know. Sometimes we change non-low cost areas to low cost areas. But we'll never change a low cost area to non-low cost, unless there's a change in UK law that means we have to.

Around 99% of the UK is in a low cost area.

If you're interested in signing up for broadband, just give us a ring or sign up online. When we ask your phone number and post code, we'll be able to let you know whether you live in a low or non-low cost area.

If you're interested in home broadband, you can check our prices for both low cost and non-low cost areas by going to our price guide.

If it's business broadband you're after, you can see our prices on our charges page.